The 06/07 tags are up for bid due to one Fisherman buying out another and when that happens the State reduce's the tags and certificates by 22.5% The new owner takes the loss. So that makes the reduced tags illegal to be attached to a Crab Trap & Fished. So is a rare chance to get these unused Stone Crab Trap Tags. The 05-06 Tag's that I got my hands on only became up for Bid due to Hurricane Wilman. They are nice to add to any Nautical Theme and can be placed in or on Nets, Buoys, Rods, in Small Picture Frames, I have even used them on Key Chains etc, or just w ever you feel they may look good in your Maritime Decor. The ideas are endless when setting up a Nautical Theme You just run with it. We all know t is no wrong or right way to come up with a nice looking Nautical Theme. If you feel it looks good It Looks Good ! Have Fun !

If you are a TAG COLLECTOR Yes this is a Once in a life time very rare chance for you as well to own New/Unused Stone Crab Trap Tags, You can not buy these tags from the State if you wanted, They can only be bought from FWC by the Licensed SPL-RS endorsement holder/Fisherman in the amount that he or she qualifies for and to a StoneCrab Fisherman they are worth more then t weight in Gold. If you have ever seen the price of Stone Crab Claws you know what I mean. Another words to use a trap it
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