Stones Deluxe 3.5 inch Black Leather Link system Guitar Strap GSL5

This uniquely comfortable leather strap features its own natural "suspension system" thanks to the interlocking links, offering supreme support and comfort, especially for heavier instruments. Owing to its construction from the interlocking links it is fully adjustable, lengthwise, by the removal or addition of links. This strap is in BLACK. Other colours available on request - see http://www./stones_straps Strap length (strap button hole to hole) = 54" [although this will increase according to the weight of the guitar] Each link represents 1.5 inches. If you need addition links these can be ordered - please get in contact. I would recommend trying the strap as supplied as it is long enough for most people.
This is the strap that a certain Mr Page has used on his Gibson LP since 1985!