Stoneware & Porcelain Cleaner, 20 oz.

Save us a restoration job and yourself additional expense by investing in this STONEWARE & PORCELAIN CLEANER to remove rust, knife marks, metallic scratches and dirt from all manner of pottery and porcelain. We use this product on occasion in our professional restoration studio and are pleased to add it to our list of restorer-recommended and tested items.
It is manufactured by the Pfaltzgraff company, makers of fine stoneware, and is designed for their own pieces but is wonderful for other stoneware and matte pottery like Roseville, Wedgwood, Hull, Van Briggle, Rookwood, etc. We also use it on some hard porcelains, but advise against using it on soft-bodied earthenware, or fine china or ceramics with overglaze paint, enamelling or other special details like applied designs and gilding. Read on for more information.
Here (see photo) we used the Cleaner on an extreme example of rust stained ironstone pottery. WOW! And see the before and after result on a knife-marked, scratched Wedgwood salad plate with a semi-matte glaze that would not wash clean and did not respond to other professional stain removal methods.
Knife marks and metallic scratches are visually diminished and rust stains are removed after using this product. To remove organic staining (tea, coffee, grease and age stains, etc) from an object, we refer
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