Stoneware - Pottery Hummingbird Feeder SIGNED!! RARE

What a great find we have for sale today!! This sale is for an extremely nice vintage/antique stoneware hummingbird feeder. I have never seen one until I purchased this one. This feeder is signed by the artist although I do not know who the maker is since this artist's signature pieces are in the form of a design. The signature looks like a Russian hand cicle overlapping a letter X. I was told that this birdfeeder was " OLD " but I am not able to clarify or verify it's age. It could be more vintage than antique. This is w I trust you the collector/ buyer that you know your collectables. The maker did a superb job on the design of this feeder, using contours twists and swirls quite a remarkable piece of art if I do say so myself. T is a wire inside a soft plastic that is attached to the top of the hanger. I am positive that this did not come with the feeder when it was made, but it honestly does make a nice hanger to hold the feeder in place. You can take off the wire, and I have decided to leave it on since I did not want to take a chance of breaking the fabulous feeder. T are no condition issues to report on this feeder nor is t any crazing that I could find. The watering tube is old and the rubber stopper is old and dried out, but I have left that in also for fear of damage. If you love hummingbirds or stoneware... and have

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