Stove Top Moonshine Still or E85 Distiller

This is a hand crafted homemade stovetop moonshine still or other distilling projects that you may enjoy. The still is made from stainless steel and copper and is lead free; no toxic material was use in the building of the still. The boiler is 20 quart and included with three metal clamps for holding the lid during the process.

The Thumper is made from stainless steel, copper and will come apart for easy cleaning.

What is a thumper?

The thumper acts as your second distiller and purity is improve during the process by using a thumper. The steam coming from the main boiler pot is being passed to the thumper steam intake pipe stack, ( the copper pipe that is on top of the thumper) which condenses to liquid once inside the thumper. This condense liquid rises above the intake outlet and soon the steam will bring the liquid inside the thumper to a boiling point and passing this steam though the copper coil. The liquid inside the thumper is being under the steam intake copper pipe may causes a thumping sound and that is w it gets the name âeoethumperâe

The Thumper is made from stainless steel and copper and comes apart for easy cleaning. Note: Do not add water to the thumper during the cooking this will stop the process. Adding a little already made liquor inside the thumper before you start is ok to give
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