Stove, wood burning, Warm mornings

This is a "warm morning" stove. It is about 18" square, and about 48" high and stands on legs. It has been in my family for at least 50 years or longer. I remember it in the 1950s as a small stove used in our kitchen to get heat into the kitchen in the mornings. It does burn wood, the last time I used it was about 20 years ago. The top door does not want to open and the handle is "loose" or possibly needs replaced. The bottom door does open with effort. Most likely it just needs some lubricating oil. We burnt wood in it during the 1980s, but I cannot remember if it will burn coal.This weighs about 125+ pounds and will have to be picked up at my home.The ebay listing software will not allow for me to show that the buyer has to pick up the item at seller's house at te buyer's expense and time. I showed a $1 cost of shipping to the buyer but the buyer is actually responsible for all shipping. Seller will not ship this item. Buyer must pick up.

Revision on 3-27-08, 7:56 PM. For some reason, the ebay listing will not allow me to change or show that: #1 T is no return policy for this item. The sale will be final. #2 The buyer must pick up this item at the location shown in Peru, Indiana 46970