Straight razor,cut throat DORKO Solingen Mint!

Up for auction another rare Solingen razor in as new conditions ,I have enclosed several pictures to let you check that this razor has probably never been used but stored from approximately 35/40 years! This means that (of course) there are no defects,no hone wear,no rust,scratches,I can say that it's new..Made in Solingen by one of the most famous and renowned factory-Herstellers Dorten & Co-(DORKO) this razor has been forged with a superlative quality high carbon steel (called in Germany "Silberstahl",Silver Steel).As you can check the blade is shiny bright with an excellent finishing,the cutting edge is very thin like only a Dorko and a few else can be,today it's impossible to find this quality in new productions..

With the razor comes also the original box (not too good conditions,discoloured and blem,however open and close perfectly and the razor has been saved new from it!),the seal,the warranty paper.Razor comes very sharp,near to be ready for shave. A great addiction for your collection from a brand that represent the straight razors history.

Please don't hesitate to contact me for any questions,I will be glad to reply as soon as possible,thank you!

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I will
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