****EBAY IS NOT WORKING WELL TODAY SO I MAY NOT GET MANY POSTED. I WILL FINISH THEM NEXT WEEK!**** PLEASE DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT PAY UNTIL I SEND YOU AN INVOICE BECAUSE ebays shipping figures are wrong and insurance is required in the U.S. on comic totals over $25.00. If you pay before I invoice you then I will have no choice but to utter the famous Cheech and Chong quote--"Bailiff, whack his pee-pee!" Ok, it's time for me to sell my Silver Age collection. I have thousands of early Silver Age beauties both Marvel and D.C. Items and publishers will vary week to week so keep watching. O.K. time for Marvel's STRANGE TALES featuring Doctor Strange, Human Torch, The Thing, Sub-Mariner, F.F., Early Spider-Man Cover Ads, Early x-overs and on and on! MID TO HIGH GRADE COPIES FOR THE MOST PART!! This comic is STRANGE TALES #76 from AUGUST, 1960. It is a GD+/VG- copy. MODERATE general wear and cover is detached. The inside is all t The inside paper is GREAT- LIGHT TAN TO WHITE and SUPPLE! I ship one way and ONE WAY ONLY--USPS PRIORITY MAIL. are the NEW rates for the United States but I repeat--DO NOT PAY UNTIL I SEND YOU AN INVOICE: 1-2 comics--$5.65, 3-4 comics--$6.90. 5-30 comics--$10.00. FOREIGN WINNERS--I can ship up to 5 regular comics for $11.95 to most countries. More than 5 and foreign shipping varies according to total weight. Combine ... read more