Strategic Air Command SAC - Commander in Chief binder

On offer: a unique executive binder from the estate of Air ForceGeneral Russell Dougherty, former commander in chief of the Strategic Air Command (SAC, CINCSAC):


AUGUST 1974 - JULY 1977


Deluxe chief executive binder from the estate of AF General Russell E. Dougherty

Former Commander in Chief of the Strategic Air Command (CINCSAC, SAC)

Washington, D.C. . 1977. Three ring binder (1" rings). Dark executive style black padded binder covers with plain spine and back cover. Front cover with gilt rimmed border, Strategic Air Command (SAC) gilt decoration, and General Dougherty's name and rank in gilt as Commander In Chief of SAC. Cover interiors lined with a dark moire silk. Approximately 11 3/4" in height with a 10 3/4" width. Binder is about an inch thick at the spine.

The binder currently has about 1/2" of journal pages for contents. The lined journal pages are blank and unused with no names or markings.

The SAC Commander in Chief binder came from the Washington D.C. area estate of Air Force General Russell E. Dougherty. General Dougherty was a bomber flight instructor in World War II and rose through the ranks to become the Commander in Chief (CINC) of the U.S. Strategic Air Command (SAC)

General Dougherty was graduate of Western Kentucky University, the Law School of the University of Louisville and the National War College. While attending Louisville, he became a member of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. In addition, General Dougherty held an honorary doctor of laws degree from the University of Akron, an honorary doctor of science degree from Westminster College, and is an "Old Master" of Purdue University.

After serving in the Federal Bureau of Investigation, General Dougherty entered active military service as an aviation cadet at the outbreak of World War II; previously, he had been a member of the 123rd Cavalry, Kentucky National Guard. He received his commission and pilot wings in March 1943.

During World War II, he was an instructor pilot in the Air Training Command and later he served in the 3d Air Force in crew and instructor pilot duties, as a B-17 Flying Fortress pilot, and on a B-29 combat crew. His post World War II assignments encompass varied duties in operational, maintenance, administrative, political/military and command duties in Air Force, joint, and international assignments.

In 1947 he served as a unit instructor with the Air Force Reserve at Standiford Field, Louisville, Kentucky, and in 1948 was transferred to the Far East Air Forces. While flying with the 19th Bombardment Wing, he served as staff judge advocate for the wing and later as assistant staff judge advocate for the 20th Air Force. In April 1950 he became the assistant staff judge advocate for FEAF Headquarters in Japan and, at the outbreak of the Korean War, was assigned to temporary duty in intelligence with FEAF.

General Dougherty returned to the United States in 1951 and was assigned to Air Materiel Command at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, as chief of the Appeals and Litigation Division, and as the assistant U.S. Air Force trial attorney for litigation arising out of Air Force procurement and contractual activities.

In December 1952 General Dougherty elected to leave the Judge Advocate General's Department for assignment to the Strategic Air Command and attended both B-29 refresher and KC-97 transition training. In June 1953 he began successive assignments in SAC as operations officer for the 303d Air Refueling Squadron; commander of the 303d Armament and Electronics Squadron; deputy chief of operations, 303d Bombardment Wing; and commander, 358th Bombardment Squadron, all at Davis-Monthan ...

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