Stratocaster Custom Guitar With Tesla Active Pickups

Sometimes you have to let go before you get to attached!! This is one of those occasions.

We have here a nice tobacco sunburst Fender squire 2 piece body, with copper screened individual pickup routes. The neck is a unbranded. Nitro finished 21 fret neck with a vintage not too chunky's nice!. Fitted with Wilkinson vintage style tuners. The bridge is a fancy roller affair supplied by Vanson. The scratchplate, tremelo cover and knobs are quality mint green vintage style. The killer feature of this guitar is the pickups, 3 Tesla AS2 active stacked humbuckers; these things really rock! Superb clean sound and searing overdrive.

The TESLA AS-2 is an Active single strat type humbucker that features Alnico V pole piece magnets and plain enamel copper wire. The AS-2 is a medium high powered pickup that was especially designed to be a companion to the AS-1. The sounds of the As-2 will satisfy players that enjoy a sharper yet also delicate sound in the neck and middle positions, together with an AS-1 in the bridge position an ideal marriage of traditional good playing sounds. These pickups will give you the output, the sounds, the cleanliness and the perfect noise cancelling.

Our newly designed super efficient preamp features a power consumption of only 90 micro amperes. That means your 9 volt battery will
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