Street Sharks and Villains!!! Lot of 14!!! Streetwise!!!

Fighting sharks on land!!! YES!!! Grab these classic Streetshark action figures while you can!!! There is 14 all together, 9 sharks, and 5 villains. They look so cool!!! There is a motorcycle shark, roller blade shark, transforming to a car shark, and more!!! Some of these sharks have the soft rubbery tops..... There is also a motorcycle villain along with the man fish guy and others.
I can not remember what their names are, but I do remember watching that show when I was a kid!!! These are made by Streetwise Designs around the years 1994-1995. They could be missing pieces so please look at the pictures and ask me any questions you have right away and I will answer to help you the best I can!!!
All these bad boys will come packaged together with care and be shipped out the first business day after you pay!!! These sharks are heavy so shipping is a little high, sorry. Thank you and please check out my other items!!!!!!!!!!!