Stromberg Carlson AU-35 6L6 2Channel Tube Amplifier Amp

Up for auction is a very nice 1951 Stromberg Carlson 2-Channel Quad 6L6 Tube Amplifier Model AU-35 licensed by Western Electric. Do a little research - I've read that these make excellent stereos or guitar amps with just a few modifications! All of the tubes work and are included......4)6L6GA, 2)5U4GB, 2)6N7, 3)6SC7 and 3)6SJ7. The front panel has Master 1, Master 2 volume controls, and a separate volume control for MIC 1, MIC 2, MIC 3, and Phonograph, plus Bass and Treble controls and an On/Off Toggle Switch. The back panel features 2 speaker outputs and a screw terminal strip that looks to have been added on by someone. The side panel also has 3 RCA inputs, a speaker output and 2-screws for aux input. We tested it with a microphone and an 8 Ohm speaker and all inputs pass signal. Mic-1 is the loudest (quite loud) but there is a hum in the background so it will need some work to bring it up to it's full potential. All of the knobs work and turn freely and quietly with no scratchiness. The chassis is in very nice shape as you can see from the pictures and everything looks original except the speaker terminal strip mentioned above. The bottom cover is included and has a full schematic on the inside. The top cover is missing so I've added $20 because the amp is very heavy (weighs approximately 47lbs unpacked) and will require extra ... read more