Stromboli's Wagon ~ GIRLS Playing w/ EASTER CHICKS

Stromboli's Wagon

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** Notice **
At this time, I am preparing to take
my family on a much needed vacation.
Though our listings will remain active,
shipping will be suspended beginning
February 7, 2008 until February 24, 2008.
Orders paid by 2/4 will most
likely ship before I leave. Payments
that occur after 2/4 will be processed
upon my return and shipping will resume
beginning appx. Feb. 27.
In my absence, I will be monitoring Ebay
activity via laptop, and I will be
checking in a minimum of twice daily
(morning & evening) to try and stay on
top of questions that may arise.
On behalf of my children, I extend a very
personal thanks for your patience while we
all go and create a few new memories.
All the best until we return ~Laura

Wonderful Reproduction Easter Decoration

Girls Playing w/ Easter Chicks

Beautiful Hand Cut Decoration

Girls Playing w/ Easter Chicks

Figure stands on a wood base. Image is applied to wood composition. completely hand cut, and measures aproximately

6½ inches tall by 10½ inches wide.

Enhanced with very fine sparkling diamond dust and reminiscent
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