No label appears on this case, but its features seem very similar to Le Blond; it's made of either polyethylene or polypropylene rather than fibre. It weighs less than 1.5 kg. Like me, it's old but clean and the rivets are a bit tarnished. Internally, the case measures 14" across its narrowest diameter, by 14 1/2" (at longest). It is 10 1/2" deep, and, as can be seen by some of the photos, has been cut down - the edge is slightly uneven. However, this has happily accommodated my 10x8 Radio King tom including cushioning, so if you have a power-tom it could be a squash. The diameter should accommodate some brackets or fittings - measure your drum to check. You will notice the curious array of six holes on the bottom and top of the case - these could be plugged, but haven't bothered me in my ownership and use. Some drummers make holes in their bass drums(!) - maybe the previous owner got carried away? The handle is strong and secure, and the strap is strong enough for your bass player to carry it wrongly without the drum falling out, while the inside is shiny enough for the singer to check his quiff (or lipstick). Essential, affordable gear for the travelling drummer - practising, rehearsing and/or gigging you need to protect your little tom in this rugged case! From a non-smoking, pet-free, lead-guitarist-proof home.
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