Cover up to 4 corners!

(4) Block 6" x 6" x 6"
(12) Base Absorbers 6" x 6" x 24"

We vacuum pack the foam to reduce the box size. Please allow 1-2 days for it to expand to its original shape.

"The winning bidder will receive a FREE gift to complement the Bass Absorber kit"

We vacuum pack the foam to reduce on shipping cost. You will have to give the foam 1-2 days to come back to its original shape. It will look a little misshaped and not measure to correct size until after you let it expand back out.

This acoustical foam absorber is designed, to be mounted in upper room corners. With the help of one Foam Cube and three acoustic bass absorbers you can make your trihedral corners look outstanding . It is especially useful to trap bass that is more intense at the intersection of walls, like in large area rooms. The rolling pattern front provides increased area for greater sound absorption and it will smooth out low frequency room.

MATERIAL: 2 lb Density Flame-retardant open-cell/Urethane-Ether Foam
FEATURES: Make you room look amazing. It’s easy, and lightweight so that it can be quickly installed and look good at the same time. With this kit you do not have to cover the whole wall with acoustic tiles. You can group pieces together or separate the pieces, which will soundproof
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