Studio Ghibli 18 Movies Collection DVD

Item Information:

1. GRAVE OF FIREFLIES Version:Japanese, English ,Cantonese,Mandarin 2. HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE Version:Japanese ,English ,Cantonese,Mandarin 3. KIKI'S DELIVERY SERVICE Version:Japanese, English ,Cantonese,Mandarin 4. LAPUTA(CASTLE OF THE SKY Version:Japanese, English ,Cantonese,Mandarin 5. MY NEIGHBOUR TOTORO Version:Japanese,Cantonese,Mandarin 6. NAUSICAA THE VALLEY OF THE WIND Version:Japanese,Cantonese,Mandarin 7. ONLY YESTERDAY Version:Japanese,Cantonese,Mandarin 8. POM POKO Version:Japanese,Cantonese,Mandarin 9. PORCO-ROSSO Version:Japanese, English ,Cantonese,Mandarin 10. PRINCESS MONONOKE Version:Japanese, English ,Cantonese,Mandarin 11. SOUND OF THE OCEAN Version:Japanese,Mandarin 12. TALES FRON EARTHSEA Version:Japanese,Cantonese,Mandarin 13. THE CASTLE OF CAGLIOSTRO Version:Japanese, English 14. THE CAT RETURN Version:Japanese,Cantonese,Mandarin 15. WHISPER OF THE HEART Version:Japanese,Cantonese,Mandarin 16. SPIRITED AWAY Version:Japanese 17. ON YOUR MARK (MTV) Version:Japanese 18. PONYO ON THE CLIFF BY THE SEA TRITON OF THE SEA Version:Japanese/Cantonese

Language / Version : Refer to above.

Subtitle : Chinese / Malay / English

Discs : 4 disc in 1 boxset.

Region Code : All Region.

Condition : NEW, Authentic Malaysia ’s Edition.


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