Studio Hummel Christmas Ornament "Little Drummer Boy

Hey look! Studio Hummel Christmas Ornament "Little Drummer Boy"

StudioHummel by Goebel presents designs inspired by Berta Hummel
Handcrafted and hand-painted, a Goebel tradition since 1871

So pretty to look at, we bet you think twice about putting it away after Christmas!

"Little Drummer Boy" features one of the sweetest faces we've seen. You can almost hear the rat-a-tat tat of his drum and the sweet sound of his voice. This is the 23rd sculpture in the Berta Hummel Christmas collection

3" tall
Dated 1999

Card is included. Box is not included.

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Studio Hummel Christmas Ornament "Little Drummer Boy"

Just so you know...

The lawyers just barged in and yelled at us to add that this beautiful thing you're about to bid on (buy?) is sold "AS IS" and t's no IMPLIED warranty. Man that was rude.

"Well, fine," we said. We'll put it in, but we're sure that the nice bidders know that this stuff wasn't born just yesterday and we haven't sent it out to a lab to analyze it's wear and tear. Honestly, though, if we can just get a hand over this big guy's mouth for a moment, we'll say that we want our customers to be satisfied. If they see something on eBay and read the description really well and study the
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