Studiospares Trojan 2U Rack Case

This is a Studiospares Trojan 2U Case bought in 2013. This ABS cases has a rack strip at both ends with bracing moulded into the body and lids to provide added rigidity. A gasket is recessed into the edge of the lid which is compressed by a lip on the body to form a tight seal against dirt and liquids. Draw bolt locks are fitted to make the lid shut tight. This case can be stacked with other similar cases without sliding off. Corners are strengthened by metal plates to form the anchoring point for the equipment. The equipment mounting strip is threaded (M5) so you don’t have to use (or lose!) caged nuts. The case length is 550mm which is slightly longer than most. The advantage of this is that you can leave plugs permanently attached. The distance between rack strips is 480mm.

This case is in as-new condition with some minor scratches.