is a rare, tribal Persian Shahsavan bag face rug. Variety of pattern panning out to cover all available space was characteristic. It was made with wool on wool foundation with fantastic color combination and characterize. T is one large medallion at the center which surrounded by light blue border. T are some birds at the border which make this truly antique piece so powerful.
The colors of this beauty are red, nice yellow, sea green, blue, gold, indigo blue, and many other colors. All colors are natural and 100% vegetal dyes.
It was made with wool on wool foundation and both sides are intact. The size of this beauty is: 1'-8"x1'-11". I doubt that you will find others like this, especially on e bay.

Feel free for any of your questions regarding this auction or all my e bay listings and I offer money back guarantee if this rug is not consistent with my images and text.Thanks for watching and happy bidding.