Stunning TOM POLACCA (1935-2003) Hopi pottery!

This beautiful piece of pottery is in flawless condition. When tapped, it has a nice clear ring. The only thing possibly worth mentioning are a few random specks of color wash on the bottom, near Tom's signature.

When you look closely at this piece, you'll notice beautifully simulated stone and wood textures in the surface of the pottery around the kachina.

Almost 7" tall & approx. 5-1/2" diameter

If you are reading this listing, you are probably familiar with acclaimed Hopi potter, Tom Polacca. He was the son of Fannie Nampeyo, and the grandson of Nameyo of Hano (Old Lady Nampeyo) -- the most revered family of Hopi potters. T was rumor after his death in 2003 that his family was buying back his pottery. I don't know how true that is, but his striking pieces are somewhat hard to find these days.

From our own collection... Purchased at a gallery in Park City about four years ago