This auction is for 2 beautiful hand carved wooden Christmas musical angels. Although the stickers have fallen off over the many years, I was told by the previous owner that these belong to parents who own a jewely store and sold Anri carvings along with other fine items. Since I'm not an expert you'll have to be the judge, but I have to say I have seen Anri's work and if these are not Anri they were definitely carved by someone of equal skill and of equal craftmanship. I'll let the pictures show the quality and fine detail. Both of these stand only 4 1/4" tall which makes it even more amazing of the fine workmanship and detail. The hand painting of the faces and detailed flowing robes is exquisite all the way down to each individual finger. T is one problem though that I actually just found while listing. The left wing [ looking from the back ] on the mandolin playing angel is a replacement. You would not notice it by just looking at the angels but definitely under closer inspection. Well, take a look at the pictures and decide if these little gems would fill a spot in your Christmas creche of a permanent spot inyour display case. All my auctions are sold as found so please email all questions before bidding. Thanks for looking and have a Merry Christmas.