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The Way We Wore - Styles of the 1930s and 40s and our World Since Then by Marsha Hunt copyright 1993 - this very large hardcover book with dustjacket is in Very good condition. Dustjacket in excellent condition - inside there are nor torn or missing pages - no writing in the book -

Capturing the glamour and style of Hollywood's yesteryears

This is a wonderful "cofffee table" book filled with the author's personal collection of black and white photos capturing the fashions of classic times. She was a model and a movie star and her notes and reflections are as interesting as the history captured through the photos. This book is a great reference for costume or clothing designers who want to recreate the style and panache of this period.

Hunt, a popular actress during the heyday of Hollywood movies, was a former Powers model known for her sense of style. Over 500 photographs from her personal collection--studio shots, wardrobe tests, movie stills, and clippings--provide an exciting visual record of a more innocent era in film and fashion. While some of the clothes are by famous costume designers, others, including Hunt's own designs, are less well known. They will therefore be new to most readers and probably more representative of what was actually worn at the time. Accessories, hairstyles, and makeup are also featured,
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