STYX vol.1 #2 1973 issue, contains a Tribute to EC, Jeff Jones cover

Fanzine with Jeff Jones cover art and an article Tribute to EC, with almost forty photographs of EC covers.

These comics and collectables are from my late fathers collections and I am selling them for my mother. He collected everything, but especially things from his youth. I know nothing about the grading system for comics and books so please read descriptions and ask any questions before bidding. I will try to list any and all defects, flaws and abnormalities but I could miss something that I am not aware of as being important to you as a collector. So, please ask, I will answer anything that I can.

No, I will not sell it before the auction ends. I have no idea what these items are worth and the auction format gets my mother the fair market value and you the oportunity to bid what you are willing to pay. So please do not ask.

Yes I will combine shipping. This saves me packing material and time, and saves you postage on seperate items. I do ask that if you are bidding on more than one item and want me to hold off on a total, just please send me a note telling me so. I have no problem waiting to give you a total after you are finished bidding.

Thanks, and good luck bidding. John