Subbuteo HW 1970s Team

The item you are looking at is an original Mid / Late 1970s classic heavyweight team - Ref 208 / Leeds Utd away
The men are in reasonable condition. A couple have been repaired. The figures are moulded in fleshtone plastic, and unusually, they have the flesh painted on too. This has started to wear in places as has some of the yellow paint on the shirts of a couple of the men.The carton is the smaller type with the plastic insert. The reference number sticker has been removed, but the number has been written on in biro. The other end of the box has the original price sticker - £1.06 1/2 p. The lid of the carton has been sellotaped.
I'm downsizing my collection by putting a selection of items up forauction over a period of weeks. Please do not contact me with "Buy ItNow" offers - the items are on for auction - and will remain on auction. If you are looking for something specific, you may like to check what I have each week.
Thanks for looking