This is one of the vast collection of Sue Hastings marionettes/puppets. Sue Hastings (May 10, 1884 – 1977) was an American puppeteer known for popularizing the ancient art of puppetry in the 1930s and 1940s. She was a protégé of Tony Sarg . She was known for her large collection of marionettes, which she made with her team of assistants.that survived the fire and the termites that eventually sadly destroyed most of her wonderful unique work.For some twenty years the Sue Hastings Marionettes were one of North America's largest puppet companies. During the 1930's, as many as a dozen troupes were on the road and the stock of puppets exceeded two thousand. Performances ranged from socialite parties to Broadway shows, from commercial promotions to the Chautauqua circuit, from performing at the White House to running permanent theatres at several world's fairs. This detailed study by Dorlis Grubidge reveal the remarkably successful puppetry entrepreneur, Sue Hastings.

I'm adding some pictures of the trunks that she and her company traveled with just for your enjoy and to support the geunity of these items.

THE TRUNKS ARE NOT PART OF THE SALE. I'm just selling the BABOON THE CHIMPANZEE MARIONETTE. he has movable/talking mouth. Measurements: approximately 21" in high.

All my vintage Sue Hastings marionettes are over 1
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