Sugar Caddy Original Hot Wheels Redline Premium Restoration Orange

Original Redline Professionally Restored
Wheels - Repo Decals- Repo Glass- Repo Hood- Original
I restore old Hot Wheels. Sometimes these cars are beaten to a pulp. Please understand there may be flaws due to abuse/usage. I try to get all cars to roll square and straight. Please remember, while they roll and should roll well, they are for Show, not Go. I use different types of paints, depending on what is available at a reasonable price. I try to get all colors to match up as close to Spectraflame as possible.
The Process: 1) Vehicle is carefully taken apart 2) Body & Chassis are cleaned and polished via my unique process 3) Axles are repaired, straightened or replaced 4) Chassis are tested and made to roll as straight as possible (I can't guarantee all cars will roll perfectly straight- but I do my best) 5) Posts are carefully drilled 6) Body is painted using automotive paint mixed to resemble original Spectraflame color. 7) Body is clear coated 8) Glass is polished or replaced 9) Vehicle is carefully put back together using Brightvision rivets. (Newer models use a larger rivet I make) That is the process.
Terms and Conditions: 1- Please . I offer full money back waranty. 2- If you have a problem or need anything, just send me a message- I am very easy to work with. 3- I have a full time job, I do this on weekends.
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