But They Were Suited!" Donkey Poker Card Guard Chips

"But They Were Suited!" Donkey Poker Card Guard Chips

We have designed our own line of cards to fill the void of card guard ideas that just aren't there.

"But They Were Suited!" poker card guard. Everyone knows a "Donkey" who plays bad hands and then tells you "but they were suited!". This ones for you. The coin is quite large at 2" and heavy at over 20 grams, this is not a cheap lightweight card guard. It's hand painted metal with excellent detail and quality. You won't believe how beautiful this coin is until you have it in your hands. The back of the coin is black.

Check out our wholesale lot of our coins where if you buy the entire line of 13 pocket pairs you get our 7 2 Off Suit "All In" coin for free.

This coin is a must have for all poker players.

Payment for auctions must be received within 48 hours of auction end.� Payment for buy it now must be received immediately.�

We ship via USPS within� 24 - 48 business hours from time of sale, usually within 24.� If the package is large, we ship UPS.� For international sales, we will ship at the United States Post Office and send you a Customs number that you can track online.� The package will not be scanned again though until it reaches you.� Some international packages take longer than usual to get through customs and we do not
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