RARE Suleiman Stone Crystal Cleanse Negativity reiki #6

Suleiman Stone



30 mm long

25 mm widest

21 mm thickest

18.2 grams

(25 mm equals 1 inch)

(28 grams equals 1 ounce)

Suleiman Stone is a stone of protection and balance (yin/yang)

The Suleiman stone is a stone of Protection, almost unknown, extremely hard to find and often confused with Onyx and with the "zebra" variety of crystallized agate, consisting mostly of silicon dioxide and black jet.

During ancient times in Persia and Tibet it was amongst the most valued and sought for stones for healing.

It can improve performance on all levels. It has the power to alter the natural state of matter. In ancient times was used for channeling and magic, which is not at all its highest function (healing is), and was often misused, causing the Suleiman to withdraw to great extent and in a certain sense to hide from the collective consciousness.

While not mentioned in modern gem books, it is mentioned in very old texts in Tibetan, Sanskrit and Farsi.

It easily opens and vibrates in the hands of healers and Lightworkers.

It is the best stone to balance and calibrate the Yin/ Yang energies within the human and animal bodies.

It is also one of the rare stones that can
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