Sullivan Award Large Bronze Plaque, Jules Roine 1920's

NATIONALITY: United States
DATE: Designed c1910, This one issued in the 1920's
FABRIC: Thick bronze electrotype originally mounted in a wood frame. 210mm x 365mm / 8-1/4" x 14-1/2", weight - sorry exceeds my scale's 500 gram limit
ARTIST(s): Jules Edouard Roine (1857-1916)

A big and boldly detailed award issued by the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation and presented for "excellence of character" and "humanitarian service."

Roine was born in France but came to the US in 1881 although he traveled to, received commissions from, as well as exhibited in France. His offices were located at 139 East 23rd Street. He was a sculptor and created statuary, architectural reliefs, as well as medals. The Smithsonian, the New York Metropolitan, the Peabody Museum are among the institutions that have examples of his work.

Among medal collectors his best known works probably include 1909 Lincoln Centennial bronze medal, Circle of Friends Issue #5 Commemorating Lafayette, 1911, and the Centenary of the New York Dioscese depicting New York Cathedral in 1909
See some of his work at /collections/thumbnails.php?album=808
The catalog of the 1910 ANS exhibition of contemporary medals pages 263 - 266 lists and illustrates 27 of his works including a 68mm version of this one (#22). DESCRIPTION: OBVERSE: The kindling

Inscription in the lower panel:
Established by the New York Southern Society 1925
"As one lamp lights another nor grows less so noblesness enkindleth noblesness" Lowell
"He reached out both hands in constant helpfulness to his fellow man" Sullivan Memorial Fountain, N.Y.
"And never yet was anything seen so beautiful or so artistic as a beautiful life" A.S. Sullivan
"I must not consider how much they love me, but how much I love them" A.S. Sullivan

Engraved award inscription: BETTY JANE HARGETT HALLMARK
Inscription in lower right, upper panel: J.E.ROINE


Wear: A touch of wear on the highest points.
Patina: W untouched the original medium bronze patina is rich in color. T are areas w it looks like a halfhearted cleaning attempt with a liquid tarnish remover left some lighter areas and spots.
Contact marks: None really. Some slight curve to the piece as it is only a millimeter thick and intended to be supported on a rigid backing.

I try to provide as complete and accurate information as I can. I will happily answer any and all questions to the best of my abilities. SUBJECT A brief history of this award. Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Awards were established by the New York Southern Society in 1925 in memory of Mr. Sullivan, a southerner who became a prominent lawyer, businessman, and philanthropist in New York in the late nineteenth century. The Society and carefully selected colleges and universities jointly arrange for the issue of Medallions, which are to be perpetual reminders of Algernon Sydney Sullivan, the memory of whose life has been handed down with loving and grateful admiration as one that was a continuous expression of those high qualities which ennoble and beautify living and bind man to man in mutual love and helpfulness. Such lives must ever be encouraging and inspiring; they justify our highest ideals and hopes. Algernon Sydney Sullivan, born in Indiana in 1826, rose to success in New York City as a respected lawyer and a man who "reached out both hands in constant helpfulness" to others. After his death in 1887, the Society sought to honor him and the award bearing his name was established in 1925 by a Sullivan Memorial Committee and the New York Southern Society, which Mr. Sullivan had served as its first president. The award seeks to perpetuate the excellence of character and humanitarian service of Algernon Sydney Sullivan by recognizing and honoring such qualities in others. It was first presented in June 1925 at the George Peabody...

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