Summoning – Lugburz - Rare Napalm Rec 1st press Black

Description: Summoning – Lugburz - Rare Napalm Rec 1 st press Black Metal

Label: Napalm

Catalog#: NPR 010

Format: CD

Country: Austria

Released: 1995

Genre: Black Metal

Condition: Played a couple of times!

Special info that you should know :

Michael Gregor (Silenius) - Vocals, Bass, Keyboards
Richard Lederer (Protector of All Endless Sleeps) - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Alexander Trondl (Trifixion of the Horned King) - Drums
Pazuzu - Additional Vocals
Last work with Trifixion on drums.
Lugburz in Tolkien's dark speech means "Dark Tower".

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