Sun Hemmi 266 "Electronics" slide rule -- NOS

New old stock
Hemmi/Sun 266
Electronic Engineering
10" Duplex Rule
Lot includes the slide rule in the original plastic sleeve, the two-tone plastic case, the manual, and the box. Rule is beautiful, as is the case. The rule itself was removed from the factory original plastic wrapper in order to take the photos. The cover of the manual is somewhat age-spotted. The pages are excellent except for some yellowing in the the pages nearest the cover. The box is age spotted and shelf worn, but in good condition, considering that it is 40 years old. Extremely hard to come by in any condition. Hemmi rules were second to none in terms of quality. Other manufacturers at times may have matched the quality and beauty of Hemmi rules, but never surpassed them -- ever.
I will ship anywhere in the world, excluding China. Fixed price Express Parcel postage from Taiwan is $22. (Please understand that the rule is in Taiwan and will be shipped from there, so the shipping is higher than it would be if it were shipped from the USA to the USA. This is not an arbitrary price, it is simply the cost of postage. I don't charge for packing and materials.) Parcels to addresses in the USA generally takes 4-5 days, depending on the USPS.
The following information on Hemmi slide rules in general, and the 266 specifically is quoted from
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