Sun-Kraft Quartz Ultraviolet Sun Lamp. Vintage, Modern

Sun-Kraft Ultraviolet Sun Lamp
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This is a beautiful 1944 Sun-Kraft Ultraviolet sunlamp thatis in very good condition. Model A-1. It is adjustable and works fine. Very modern looking. I have converted several of these to a "regular" table lamps. Do a Sun-Kraft search on Google and you will find several great links debating the healing process of theses lamps as well as a short clip.. This lamp is complete. It comes with the original carrying case (solid wood) and all the paperwork. Warranty, owners manual, Etc. Some of the claims of Sun-Kraft were. Induces vitamin D, strengthens bones, teeth, and stimulates circulation. Back then this was the "Snake Oil". The users manual is priceless itself.