SUN moon star eclipse MASK terra-cotta CLAY MEXICAN art

*"ECLIPSE MASK MADE OF CLAY"* *"Sun moon stars mask"*

This is a unique, colorfull mexican handcraft which measures about 8.3in X 8in X 1.3inches (21cmX20.3cmX3.5cm) and comes in BRAND NEW condition. Created with clay, then handpainted. Made in Metepec by mexican masters with beautiful colors.

This is a truly beautiful mexican art... (AA battery shown as size reference, not being sent). This 'mask' is awesome!!! You can buy more mexican **Handcrafts** available in our store, and save on shipping.

As this is handmade, it could have 'little imperfections' that are the result of handcraft. Buying this you're having a little piece of beautiful Mexico... MEXICAN MASKS BRIEF HISTORY: A popular art intimately linked to community life, masks are created by those who are active members of a society or group.
Masks are born of the traditions and present a sample of the cosmic vision of indigenous people.
Each masks reflects the richness of popular art, the constant and continuing creative process, and its design is a vision and expression of the culture, making it alive and latent.
For example, in the Purépecha region, and Michoacán generally, the masks come to life in the traditional dances of the Moors and the Christians, the Devils, the Little Blacks, the Old People, the Ranchers, the Hermits, the Maringuias
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