SUNBABE BABEE-BEE Ruth E.Newton she squeaks.13'' 1950

SUNBABE BABEE-BEE Ruth E. Newton New York N.Y

She is 13" tall, fully jointed and DOES have all her fingers and toes. Her legs and arms are in great condition .

The torso is soft and squeezable and when you squeeze her she squeaks.

She is marked SUNBABE BABEE-BEE Ruth E. Newton New York N.Y. on her neck. It does not say Sun Rubber Company like some of the Ruth E. Newton dolls do.

Her eyes are hazel and clear, her eyelashes are full .

She has molded brown hair with a little paint rubs, painted eyebrows and an open mouth with red lips

She has No cracks or tears, odors ,she is a very cute doll made in the 1950’s we think

Please ask all questions and view all pictures as I may have not described something that may be important to you