Sunbeam Imp Sport

Hello and Welcome to the auction of my very early Sunbeam Imp Sport which was being used regularly as of last week. The engine which was in this car has now been removed as it was incorrect for this vehicle. The Sunbeam Imp Sport engine that comes with this car is of unknown condition. It is complete with exhaust system, Twin stronbergs and air filter box. (The Pictures of this are to follow)
The car was renovated over 10 years ago and is still in tidy condition, perfect for light restoration. The bonnet, doors, arches etc are in very good condition. The bumpers, door handles and general bright work is in very good condition. Gearbox has no noises or syncro problems, competition donuts are fitted. It has recently passed an MOT. Radiator has been overhauled.
Now the not such good points. The underside of the vehicle is in tidy condition apart from the nearside floor to sill has been plated and welded, not to a good standard in my opinion. Interior is generally a bit tired, the headlining has been replaced at some point and is sagging slightly. Whoever did the restoration on this car many years ago seemed to loose interest as several bits and pieces haven't been finished off. The brake servo which fits in the front of the car is missing. This car was originally gold and when painted blue, everything was painted including
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