SUNBEAM Mixmaster Mixer Model 7 & 9 Replacement Beaters

is a nice set of beaters for a Sunbeam Mixmaster mixer! These were made to fit on models 7 and 9, although they will work on both older and some newer models with decent results. If you are not sure what model you have, see our note down below about how to tell. These beaters are in great shape looking almost brand new, and with the bowl-turning knob intact. A great replacement set!

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To see if these beaters will work with your mixer: Detach the mixer from the stand and look at the metal plate on the underside of the motor right w it attaches to the stand. On models 7 and 9 t will be a flat metal plate with the model number on it. If t is no model number t or if it does not say model 7 or 9 then these beaters may not work properly with your mixer. If it does say model 7 or 9 then you are in luck and you have found the right beaters!