Sunny Spot, Print of Margay/Ocelot, Charles Frace

A Sunny Spot

Charles Fracè

Closely resembling the ocelot, the margay is a small spotted wildcat that ranges from Mexico to South Brazil . A pure forest animal and excellent climber, the margay hunts primarily in treetops for birds, monkeys, possum, and other small mammals. With tremendous acrobatic ability, he can hang from a branch by one hind foot, jump from one tree to another, and spiral headfirst into his territory below.

This limited edition print is: Signed by the artist

The edition size/date is: 2,500/1985

The issue price was: $70.00

The image size is: 22¾x17¾

The print was published by: American Masters Foundation

This print has never been framed and has been

stored flat in its original folder since publication.

Charles Fracè

Charles Fracè was born in 1926 in a small town in eastern Pennsylvania. He began drawing at five and taught himself to paint when he was fifteen. Fracè remembers wanting to be an artist from an early age. His self-instructed talent earned him a scholarship to Philadelphia =s Museum School of Art, w he graduated with honors.

In 1955, Fracè began a professional career as a freelance illustrator in New York City. Eventually, he became one of the nation =s most sought-after illustrators of wildlife. However
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