Sunnyside Mine near Silverton San Juan County CO rich Gold in matrix NR


Sunnyside Mine

near Silverton

San Juan County


Several tiny speckles of gold with chalcopyrite and other sulfides.

Three were three major producers of gold specimens in the San Juan mountains of Colorado . The Sunnyside Mine at Eureka near Silverton in San Juan County , the Camp Bird Mine near Ouray in Ouray County and the Idarado Mine which spans Ouray and San Miguel counties. One entrance was on Red Mountain Pass between Ouray and Silverton, while the other entrance was near Telluride in San Miguel County . Most of the productive workings were nearer the Telluride entrance. All three localities produced rich ore samples with visible gold in white quartz, but the character of the ore samples is slightly different from the three localities. There will usually be some sulfide minerals like chalcopyrite and sphalerite in association, and the chalcopyrite is easy to confuse with gold if you’re not careful. Gold in open pockets was also found, but very rarely, therefore they are sought after by collectors.

The Sunnyside Mine was one of the most important gold producers in the San Juan Mountains and was the source of spectacular pink rhodochrosite crystals often associated with green fluorite. While chasing rich gold in the upper levels of the mine beneath Lake
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