7 Sunoco 1Qt Glass Oil Bottles and Carrier

Up for your consideration today is a set of vintage Sunoco glass 1 quart bottles with a carrier. As you can see they are in desperate need of cleaning..I was afraid to clean them myself I didn't want to damage them. They were found in my grandfathers barn..so they have been sitting there for years. What I found neat about them is that they have the grade of oil 20 30 40 and also 50 . I have 3 of the 50s , one I cant read cause of dirt, 1 of the 20, 1 of the 30 and also 1 of the 40. Some of the tops are rusted but I believe if you clean them up they will shine. They still have an oil residue on them. The carrier also is rusty, but solid. I do have another bottle to complete the set but it is broke, although you can still read Sunoco on it and it still has a lid. I'll throw that in instead of throwing it away. Some of the spouts still have the little caps on top. It really is a neat piece of history ! If you have any questions I'll do my best to answer them.. !!!!