Suntory Beer Can Japan 16oz 500ml Bird Scene Pull Tab

We have cleaned out an old storage garage that we have owned since the 60's. Over the next few weeks we will be listing hundreds of beer can from the United States as well as Foreign Cans. Started collecting cans back in the early '70s so who knows what may be listed. These include gallon beer cans, cans from the UK, Sweden, Japan, Austrailia, Germany, and many other countries. Many of the foreign cans have been wrapped in newspaper since the 1970's and some even are in the original shipping boxes from then. Some boxes even came from West Germany. Other cans include sets of Tennant's girls, Piper Export, Becker Pilsner, etc. Just to much to list so add me to your favorite sellers and keep watch for loads of beer cans, signs and all sorts of breweriana and collectibles. All cans have been stored in a dry place for many years and have not be subject to any type of weather. If cans have damage or humidity spots, that is the way that they were purchased. Check each auction for condition, but again most if not all items are in fantastic condition.
I have separated all the cans into the separate countries and will be listing them over the next two weeks. T are hundreds of cans from Sweden, Scotland, England, Germany, Japan, Denmark, etc. Check out one of my auctions that has the photo of all the cans stacked in my garage. All will
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