SunTour Accushift 2000 6 spd front & rear derailluers,and indexed shifters

These are vintage late 80's parts. It is a 6 speed rear derailleur, clamp on front derailleur, and braze on ,down tube, indexed 6 speed shifters. All parts are compatible and from the "Accushift" line. They are fully functional. Springs still feel strong. These parts have seen some use. They all still work fine. Good condition for the age. I cleaned them up, and lubed all the moving parts. There are normal use scuffs and scratches. None of which affect the performance of these part's. The logo on the rear derailleur is worn off. It used to read "SunTour Accushift 2000" . There is some surface rust on the clamp for the front derailleur. There is a scuff on one of the shifters. These cosmetic issues do not affect the performance. I have plenty of good close up pics if requested. Any other questions, just ask!!
Suntour Accushift 2000 6 Spd
SunTour Accushift is different than the Shimano SIS system, in that it has a built in over shift in the shifter which moves the chain 1mm beyond the center line of the cog to complete the shift, and then moves the guide pulley back to center the chain after the shift is completed. SunTour's rear derailleur also has little to no play in the guide pulley which forces the chain to be positioned directly under each freewheel cog, but this
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