SUPER ALIGN TREX 700 Nitro PRO RC Helicopter COMBO~r0

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NEW Align T-REX 700 Nitro Pro
RC Helicopter
Plus Version
Align Engine / 90 Muffler / 2 In 1 Voltage Regulator / Crash Kit and Metal Parts
- User Assembly Required -

MODEL (Value = US$788.99) MOTOR (Value = US$149.99) (Value = US$359.99)
(We give Align engine now)
ESC (Value = US$55.99) SERVOS (Value = US$99.99) GYRO (Value = US$350.00) BATTERY & CHARGER (Value = US$10.00) (Value = US$121.99)
(Value = US$27.99) (Value = US$3.99) (Value = US$28.99)
(Value = US$24.99) (Value = US$12.99)
(Value = US$7.99) (Value = US$17.99) (Value = US$13.99)
(Value = US$8.99) (Value = US$16.99)
Total Value = US$2400+ , Now Saving for more than US$900!!!

NEW Align T-REX 700 Nitro Pro RC Helicopter

1.Simple and light weight design provides awesome flight performance.
2.+-13�collective pitch is possible for extreme 3D performance.
3.Heavy duty tail with thrust bearings.
4.Clutch, Fan and Bell assembly provide a very smooth operation even at high RPM.
5.Forward mounted tail servo helps to keep exhaust oil from entering servo also improves the CG.
6.Battery tray designed for easy and clean radio gear installation.
7.Fuel Tank Capacity 630cc.
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