Super Crystallized Hematite After Marcasite Prophecy Stone Large Specimen Egypt

This is a large well crystallized hematite after marcasite prophecy stone that was found in the White Dessert in Egypt.

The detail of each piece is superb.

The desert wind blown patina is just exceptional on these pieces.

There are some grains of White desert sand stuck in the blades and arms on some of these specimens.

The color is kind of a chocolate color to them.

Very nice items and quite rare.

The entire specimen is verymultidimensional.


Literally means " false form " and is used in mineralogy to indicate that a mineral has the outward appearance of a different mineral.

In mineralogical terminology the phrase "mineral X (Hematite) after mineral y (Marcasite) ".

4.9 by 3.1 by 2.9 cms in size.

White Desert, Near The Faratra Oasis ,

Matruh Governorate, Approximately 450 km South West from Cairo, Egypt

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