My father left thousands of coins to my brother and myself, neither of us were ever interested in collecting coins because of his obsessive habbit.

At the age of 2 his father was shot and killed hence he had it very rough, because of this our Dad horded almost every nickel and dime he obtained in his life. Leaving us with all these coins to liquidate, we decided to start an e-bay sight to try and sell as many of these coins as possible. They are very old and we do not know how to grade them.This is probubly the best deal for 500 + Buffalo nickel culls on ebay. These are no date damaged,dehorned,dedated, discolored, dented, stained, scratched,holed, scared,dark,bent,acid marked, dirty,corroaded, junk,disfigured coins that is why they are call culls.This is a stock photo of 500+ coins we do not feel we have to take a photo each time because these are culls.We leave feedback when we reciece feedbacks. This is not because of lack of communication or consideration for your bid or payment but is for your privacy if you are reselling the item so the price you paid for item does not show in your feedback. What e bay need to do is stop the sellers who take pictures of piles of coins and then only send you one or a few of them.They also need to stop selleres from taking pictures of rolls and rolls of nickels and then only send one
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