Love love love this HTF Francie. BUSY FRANCIE on Really nice SL Body.
Who doesn't love Francie? She always looks so different and is always changing her hair : ) or Was anyway
This hard to find gal has the coolest face and throwback mullet hair. No real eyelashes as she was intended, they are painted on. No necksplits, pokes cracks, green, earing holes, missing hair etc.
Body looks fantastic. I dont really see anything to mention or anything else to comment on except some dirt that appears would wash off on back of right leg as pictured. . . Guess I forgot to clean whoops!
This is how I purchased her, and the buy it now price is what I paid 72 clams
Be sure to scroll down and see all the pics!!!
Buy her if you need a super nice SL body!! Buy her if you dont want to pay 2x as much for different hands and knees lol
I assure you I DO pack my items well; I will not crush her into a padded envelope as I have unfortunately received so many times on ebay.
Please inspect pics closely as I appreciate NO returns unless I have grossly misrepresented the item unknowingly. I do my best to describe as I see them, but I am not an expert, just a doll lover.
I would love to combine shipping!
I have a quick curl Francie in her box with wrist tag and other Barbie / Francie items! With more to come
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