Super Nice Indian Bird Point from Texas Wolf Family Collection. 100% Authentic

This is an authentic Archaic Indian Bird Point from San Jacinto Co. Texas. My Father George Wolf Collected arrowheads and fossils for over 40 years. All the arrowheads, bird points, and artifacts are from the family collection..

From the collection of George Wolf of Pasadena Texas.

History of my Father George E. Wolf, dad was born 10-01-1935 in Byers, Texas he fought in Korea in the 50's at Heart Break Ridge, and moved to Big Springs, Texas after the war he married my mother Martha Head. They moved to Houston and shortly after to Pasadena, Texas in 1970. Dad was a longshoreman on the Houston ship channel until his retirement, he also had a fishing lure business that started in the 70's and was a member of the Houston Bass club. He loved the outdoors and fishing which was the beginning of the collecting for dad. After shelves of fishing trophies it was just natural for him to start a new collection. As a family we would go to Galveston and camp at the pass. At night dad would gig for flounder and at day would fish for Specks. He would take breaks to walk down the beach with mom and us kids. We started picking up sand dollars and sea shells. Dad ran into a lady that was walking the beach picking up sea shells and fossil shark teeth. She had a little shell shop in Seabrook, Texas so we would stop by and see what she had
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