Super Mario Bro Arcade Nintendo game NO RESERVE

Nintendo's Super Mario Brothers vs. Arcade Game. This is one of my favorite childhood arcade games. This game brings back a lot of memories of being at the roller skating rink and being able to feel taller while having my skates on playing this game. This has been a nice addition to my home, as it would with any home. My wife wants my arcades moved into the garage, but I would rather know they are in another home being used by old gamers or new young gamers. My nephews love this game, they're three and four years old and are very able to comprehend this game. My oldest nephew has even passed the first level. The game is obviously used and is being sold as is-w is. I would recommend a replacement monitor, the current monitor has bad burn on it. This is something that was on my list to do. You can find them on ebay, and I have found them in my local town. The coin mec works, t is only one in the cabinent, and the cabinent is missing the lock. This is how I purchased it. The left controller sticks. Not sure on a fix for that. The electrical cord was damaged when I purchased this game so I put a plug on it. I would recommend replacing the cord. The rear of the cabinent removes easy enough to replace the cord. It was the tip of the cord so you could very well just put the cord inside a replacement plug from a electrical or hardware store. ... read more