Here is the ultra-rare Super Powers El Capitan Rayo, known in English as Captain Ray. Even though Captain Ray's card says "Super Heroes" instead of Super Powers (most likely because he was a Gulliver original and not licensed from DC) he is still part of the Super Powers line Gulliver released in Columbia in 1987 and the rarest of all Super Powers figures. The one listed here is in very good condition and still sealed on the card. There are two rips near the punch-hole as you can see in the close-up photo. The card measures 8 5/8" long by 5 3/8" wide (smaller than US super powers cards). He also comes in an acrylic case ready to be displayed. The acrylic case was made for star wars figures and is much wider than the card, but it still looks great. All photos were taken with Captain Ray in the acrylic case. I'll be happy to answer any questions.