Howdy! Greetings from the warm sunny Sonoran Desert of Tucson, Arizona (Home of Jo-Jo)... Well I'm breaking out some Rare items for the serious collector/fan. I'll be listing some of the BEST ITEMS OF THE YEAR this week! This Near Mint condition item is a second Printing Handbill for The Oracle, Vol.1 #7. The cover of this one has Timothy Leary, Allen Ginsburg, Allan Cohen & Gary Snyder! For those of your unfamiliar with Allan Cohen and the Oracle Newspaper, it was the definitive Hippie Underground Newspaper sold on the Streets of San Francisco for a relatively short period of time. The included absolutely incredible Psychedelic Artwork, Poetry, ads for all upcoming Dance Concerts, new clothing and head shop stores. When Allan published the limited edition Leather bound book containing a complete collection of all the Oracles he reprinted several of the Original covers on acid free archival paper and included them in the book. That is w this handbill came from! I'm not sure who did the artwork for this onebut it does contain a rare photo of many of the Sixties Psychedelic Guru's. This is a Rare Collectors Dream. I almost hate to part with it. Condition is Near Mint. It has been shrink wrapped on acid free form core and will be shipped that way; ready for display too! I'm in the process of a household move and in gathering up ... read more