Super Rare RM SBS SAS Ventile Canoeist Windproof Smock

For sale. An extremely rare canoeist smock only ever issued to British special forces. This came to me quite by accident and it has been in my collection for a few years. It is in reasonable condition given its purpose with no major rips or tears. It is missing the buttons on the cuffs and one on the rear pocket, but these can be replaced, if you wanted to detract from its authenticity. It has been used, on what missions, one can only imagine!

double layered fabric, I assume to be ventile (green outside, grey inside) 2 lower, elasticted, pleated pockets with drainage grommets. upper map pocket closed by press stud and button upper utility pocket with drainage grommet small hood pocket (I wonder what for!) large rear pocket with drainage grommets large, lined hood with lateral buckle adjustment and curious press stud fastening loop draw cord waist and hood elasicated skirt labelled 'Smocks Showerproof' will fit up to 44' chest easily the rarest British smock ever produced bar none

I have only ever seen one other in The Imperial War Museum, London. Google R Maitland-Flannagan of the SBS during WW2. Given its museum quality rarity and it's unique history you will never get to see one again.